Automation and Robotics: The supply chain of the future!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The transformation of the modern facility may be most evident by the shift in how machines are used, and what that shift is doing to both company business models. With the introduction of robotics into the supply chain, such technology has helped business keep pace with distribution challenges and consumer demand for convenience and variety. With the growing consumer demand, automation and robotics will change the US workplace and how businesses keep up with that demand.

Automation and robotics are already changing the US workplace

The benefits of robotics and automation technologies cannot be underestimated, with their ability to support zero-defect logistics processes and enable new levels of productivity. It’s not a question of “if” but “when” automation technology will be replace the majority of supply chain positions. With the technology ever increasing, the adoption of robotic solutions will intensify over the next five years.

The successful businesses of the future will be those which are able to adapt 

Supply chain leaders can prepare for the future of supply chain management by embracing new technology. Their success will be determined by their ability to quickly adapt to the increasing change in sourcing, production, and distribution that we are seeing today. By taking advantage of these new and emerging technologies, businesses can be adaptable and keep up with consumer demand.

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