A&J Automation Builds Two New Machines Using EPSON SCARA Robots for Automation Glue Application

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

SCARA stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm, and SCARA robots were first developed in Japan in the 1980s. These unique robots feature jointed 2-link arms that imitate human arms in certain ways. However, these robotic arms operate on a single plane. This allows a SCARA robot to extend and fold into confined areas – allowing it to reach inside enclosures or perform precise tasks such as those required for automation glue application. And the industrial machine experts at A&J Automation are excited and honored to have the opportunity to build machines using EPSON SCARA robots. We do innovative work in the robotics field, and this project will allow us to show off our commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of technology.

The Primary Advantages of SCARA Robots

Companies whose production processes require precise applications benefit from machines that utilize EPSON SCARA robots for several reasons. EPSON SCARA robots are capable off delivering high speed and accuracy (with cleanroom specification) even when performing delicate tasks. They can also achieve tolerances lower than 10 microns – whereas six-axis robots cannot achieve tolerances lower than 20 microns. Finally, SCARA robots are ideal for smaller fields of operation, where floor space is limited.

Of course, there are limitations associated with EPSON SCARA robots, such as the fact that they are limited to relatively light payloads (typically, a maximum of 10 kg). Also, the circular envelope associated with this robot is not ideal for all applications. Plus, it has limited dexterity and flexibility compared to other types of robots. Yet, for many types of machines, the advantages of SCARA robots far outweigh the limitations.

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