What are the Benefits of Robotic Work Cells?

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A&J Automation, Inc. designs and creates a variety of assembly systems. These include Automated Riveters, Welding Cells and Fixtures, and Robotic Work Cells. A basic Robotic Work Cell is a complete system, including at least one robot, a controller, a part positioner, and a safety environment. Depending on the Robotic Work Cell’s specific function, it may contain other, peripheral, parts as well. Having a Robotic Work Cell on your shop floor can improve productivity by increasing efficiency and product throughput. And A&J Automation designs and builds unique, customized Robotic Work Cells for all types of industries.

Why Robotic Works Cells Contribute to Manufacturing Success

In addition to improving productivity, one or more Robotic Work Cells on your floor can create a safer work environment for your employees. Robotic Work Cells perform precision tasks in a contained environment, contributing to an overall cleaner floor with fewer potential hazards. In addition, these Cells reduce labor and production costs, reduce waste, and decrease employee downtime. Finally, Robotic Work Cells typically enhance product quality, making it possible to consistently deliver the best products to your customers.

A&J Automation Builds Robotic Work Cells to Fit Specific Needs

As leaders in Robotics, A&J Automation strongly considers manufacturing needs when designing and creating Robotic Work Cells. For example, some manufacturers require Turnkey Cells (or standard Robotic Work Cells). These systems normally install in minimal time and follow designs that have proven successful. On the other hand, many companies require Custom Cells to meet specific needs. These special machines perform applications that most Turnkey Cells cannot perform.

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